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Thermos container

Thermos containers - the ideal helpers for everyday life

No matter whether you are planning an outing, are travelling by car for a longer period of time or simply want to be independent and flexible: With our thermos containers, the food and drinks for your child remain at the temperature you want them to be. Warm tea, for example, remains at the perfect temperature even after hours and can warm your child if necessary. In summer, on the other hand, the refreshing drink stays nice and cool thanks to the insulating material and can thus quench your favourite's thirst at any time.

But not only drinks can be optimally transported in this way. Thanks to the large and wide opening, the containers are also suitable for soups, porridge and solid food. Pre-cooked food can be taken along leak-proof and you know that your child is always well taken care of. Everything you want to transport safely and protected from the outside temperature is in good hands in the thermos containers. Thanks to the different sizes and shapes of the containers, you are guaranteed to find the one that suits you best. The sizes vary between 350 and 500 ml, so you can also fill a larger portion.

Beautiful, child-friendly designs with practical extras

The thermos containers are not only different in shape and size. The designs are also very different from each other and make children's eyes sparkle. We all know that the eyes eat too. So the soup or fruit porridge tastes twice as good when you're out and about! In addition, some models impress with additional functions. An integrated fork or a lid that also functions as a bowl are guaranteed to make feeding on the go easier.

Best workmanship guarantees quality and long-lasting enjoyment of the product

A good thermos container should make your everyday life easier and support you in ensuring that your child can be fed optimally and that you are always flexible and independent of external influences. Accordingly, it is important that the container is of high quality. The insulating material keeps food and drinks constantly hot or cold for several hours and the screw cap protects the contents from leaking. In the respective product description, also pay attention to whether the chosen thermos container is suitable for the dishwasher so that you can enjoy your product for as long as possible.

With a practical thermos container, the next outing can come! Make yourself independent of restaurants where you have to ask whether the baby jar you brought with you can be warmed up. With the thermos container you are always prepared - no matter when and where your baby's hunger comes!