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Large selection of children's drinking bottles in different sizes.

You will find a large selection of children's drinking bottles in 16 different ml sizes in our online shop. You can choose between the following capacities: 150 ml, 180 ml, 200 ml, 270 ml, 295 ml, 300 ml, 340 ml, 350 ml, 360 ml, 400 ml, 450 ml, 500 ml, 600 ml, 650 ml, 750 ml and 1000 ml.

Which drinking bottles do you need?

At the dining table, drinking is within reach. If your child is absorbed in play, he or she often forgets to keep his or her fluid balance. And when your child does notice that he or she is thirsty, the walk to the dining table or to the kitchen to get a drink is often too tedious and involves interrupting play for too long. But you also don't want to have a glass of water in the children's room that then runs the risk of tipping over. Small children in particular are still grossly motoric and accidents can happen quickly. Then not only the floor and the toys are wet, but it can also be dangerous if there is a socket or an electronic device nearby. You therefore need a drinking bottle that is adapted to your child and its needs. A drinking bottle that can withstand being knocked over and falling on the floor. A drinking bottle that immediately catches the child's eye and encourages them to drink. Kids are motivated by colourful and child-friendly prints on the drinking bottles.

Special drinking bottles

That's what's so special about drinking bottles for children: they are available in many different shapes and sizes, colours and designs. We offer a wide range of children's drinking bottles so that you can make the right choice together with your child. Important when buying a children's drinking bottle: Pay attention to quality, material, workmanship, the filling quantity, the size of the drinking openings and the type of lid, as well as in which way your child can drink from it. For babies and small children, there are sippy cups that make the transition from breast or bottle to the proper drinking bottle easier. Older children can use bottles with a drinking straw wonderfully. All materials are suitable for children: Glass, stainless steel, aluminium and also plastic. Variety is important here: for school, the bottle should be very robust; for sports, a bottle with a sports cap is a popular choice. It is also important that the bottle is not hot on the outside when a fresh cup of tea is filled in, for example.

When should I start using drinking bottles for children?

Your child can start drinking from a bottle - a so-called sippy cup - as a baby of complementary feeding age. It is specially designed for baby's first sips from a drinking bottle. With a soft silicone opening and ergonomic handles, parents can support their offspring's independent drinking and the child's independence. Small, light and robust. This way, your baby can learn to drink from a bottle. Special bottles are available, for example, from the brand NUK. These cups are often made of plastic, but are not contaminated with BPA. BPA-free bottles are standard in our range. All cups are leak-proof.

Drinking bottles for children at 4mybaby

If you are looking for a drinking bottle for your child, you can get a good overview with us! We offer children's drinking bottles for every age and every situation: for school, sports or when you go on an outing. The bottle becomes the kids' constant companion - at home or on the go. Whether water or tea - it is really practical to always have the drink with you! Carbonated drinks can also be transported very well, especially in a stainless steel drinking bottle or aluminium drinking bottle. The likelihood that the kids will be thirsty at night is high. For this, you need a bottle that is leak-proof and light. Plastic drinking bottles are ideal. Your child is least likely to injure itself with such a drinking bottle. A lid on the children's drinking bottle is also more of a nuisance at night, as the drink should be consumed while the child is half asleep, so that he or she can get back to sleep as quickly as possible. The children's drinking bottles that we offer can be disassembled and easily cleaned. Most bottles are dishwasher safe. Some bottles also offer special bottle brushes for easier cleaning. Please refer to the detailed description of each bottle. We offer children's drinking bottles that were rated "good" and "very good" by Stiftung Warentest in the children's drinking bottle category in April 2021 and are therefore among the best drinking bottles for small children.