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Looking for healthy snacks for babies and toddlers?

In our biscuits and bars category, you'll find everything from corn pops to Milupa biscuits, everything there is for babies and toddlers. Corn pops are often particularly popular with toddlers, as they are one of the healthiest snacks for children. This snack is 100 percent organic, without additives and suitable for toddlers from 6 months.

Furthermore there are from Milupa squeeze bags with a fruit cocktail, these are comparable to smoothies or a mush. But there are many more snacks in this category such as organic rice wafers, fruit bars and Birchermüsli. A great alternative to porridge.

These snacks are just the thing for in-between meals, quickly packed in the lunch box when the child wants something healthy to snack on while out and about or at home on the dishes, because they contain a lot of vitamins and nutrients that are very important while growing up. They are also perfect to tide the child over until the next meal. Due to the large selection, there is a suitable snack for every child!

When can babies be given snacks?

In principle, this can vary greatly, as there are snacks that are already suitable for babies/toddlers from the age of four months. Since not all products have an age label, you should judge for yourself which products your child can already eat.

Nuts and other small snacks, especially those that crumble, should not be given to children under two years of age, as there is a risk of choking with smaller children!

What should you look for when buying snacks?

Basically, when buying baby snacks, make sure that they are appropriate for the age of the child. Furthermore, you should take into account any food allergies and intolerances children may have. In this case, there are special snacks or foods that are also suitable for children with food allergies. In principle, however, children's snacks are very healthy and easily digestible, ideal for in-between meals!