Baby milk

What is formula milk?

Infant formulais a satiating and wholesome baby food that is suitable for infants under six months of age. It can be fed as a complementary food, but is also suitable for feeding alone, for example, when breastfeeding is not possible.

Theinitial milk is fedbefore the follow-on milk or a milk porridge and can be used from birth onwards. Its composition is based on that of breast milk, which is the best food for a child in the first months after birth.

Why is formula milk so important?

Early milk plays a big role for your baby. It is important for healthy, sensible nutrition from day one and for the baby's proper, age-appropriate development. Infant formula is precisely tailored to the needs of the baby.

For example, it contains many vitamins and important trace elements. The nutrients it contains also include LCP fatty acids, which are especially important for your baby because his or her body cannot yet produce them on its own.

What types of formula milk are there?

Infant formula is available in conventional, organic and hypoallergenic form. It is available as powdered milk for mixing, but also as ready-to-drink milk. The latter is especially important for trips and outings where not much time is to be spent preparing it. A thermos bottle isparticularly suitable for this.

The milk powder is mixed with boiled water during preparation and then cooled down to a temperature ready for drinking. Thedosage varies depending on the manufacturer and the age of the child.

What should I look for when buying formula milk?

If your child has specific nutritional needs, there are also specially adapted formula milks. This hypoallergenic formula is suitable for babies with a high risk of allergies, for example, due to allergies in the family.

Otherwise, formula milk is usually very easy to digest. Nevertheless, you should boil the bottle before pouring in the milk, just like everything else that the baby puts in its mouth . Instead of boiling, a steriliser is also recommended.