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Cooking appliances

Individual complementary feeding - homemade baby food made easy

Feeding complementary food is a big moment for you and your child. Simply make the baby food yourself with a variety of utensils. A variety of utensils allow you to prepare different dishes at home.

Which food preparation devices are available?

With the 4in1 baby food maker, you can cook and mix food gently so that the valuable ingredients are preserved. Refrigerated food can be defrosted and warmed up quickly with the food preparer. The multifunctional appliances also include the Babymoov Nutribaby+ XL. You mix, sterilise and cook food in separate containers in exactly the right cooking time. You also warm up the bottles with the appliance. Steam and mix complete meals, starters and desserts gently with a Babycook, for example the Beaba Babycook Plus Suisse. The variety of cooking appliances for babies includes versions for preparing porridge and making delicious purees and healthy smoothies. The Twistshake Baby Kitchen Machine 6in1 is an example of various appliances of this type. Supplement your kitchen appliances with other child-friendly utensils, for example for a child's birthday party.

Individual functions and designs of different models allow you to prepare a variety of dishes for your child. Thanks to the gentle preparation of food, you can feed your child a healthy and varied diet.

Food preparers to help you cook for your baby?

Preparing baby food and other dishes for your baby requires sensitivity. You must keep to exact times in order to cook food well. In addition, the food must not be allowed to overheat, otherwise vitamins will be lost. You can precisely set options such as cooking time and temperature of the food preparer. In this way, you ensure the preservation of vital ingredients in the food.

In addition, by using the cooking utensils for babies, you save time and ensure space-saving food preparation. You do not need any additional utensils to produce whole dishes. Thanks to easy handling and multiple functions, you will succeed in preparing meals in a timely manner. Helpful accessories such as display cases and spice balls optimise your kitchen's assortment. Certain accessories in our food category make it easier to feed your child and support him or her in drinking independently.

What to look for when buying a food accessory?

Cooking utensils come in different materials. Aluminium is heat-resistant and light. Stability and durability characterise food preparers made of plastic. Models made of glass are visually appealing and store heat. When buying cooking utensils, also look for ease of care and whether they are suitable for cleaning in the dishwasher.