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Milk powder container

Almost nothing is as practical as a powdered milk container.

They make life with babies so much easier and less complicated - at least when it comes to making formula. Whether on the go or even at home, powdered milk containers are insanely practical and a must-have piece of baby equipment.

What are milk powder containers?

Powdered milk or dry milk for making baby food is sold in large packaging units.
In order to be able to take small portions of milk powder with you, there are practical milk powder containers for on the go.

These small containers are stacked on top of each other and can be screwed on top of each other so that you get a small tower of at least three cups including a filling funnel. The filling funnel is screwed onto the respective container with milk powder so that no powder can go astray and can be easily tipped into the drinking bottle. Then just pour on warm water, which is also included, and the baby's meal is ready. Each cup holds enough powdered milk for one meal.

What you need powdered milk containers for

If you are travelling with your baby, it is of course not possible to take large milk powder containers with you. However, a correctly prepared milk formula in the bottle is important. It must contain the exact amount of powder, the baby milk should be freshly prepared and not stale. With the milk powder container including dispenser, nothing is easier than preparing a correct drinking bottle for the baby. Especially when on the go, milk powder portioners are the ideal companions and simplify the preparation of drinking bottles enormously. They also give a feeling of security because nothing stands in the way of the next milk bottle and it can be prepared quickly.

Baby milk powder containers - baby milk always freshly prepared

The resealable, small containers contain the correctly measured portion of milk powder for one bottle. At least three portions can be carried with the containers, which can be stacked and screwed into each other.

Baby milk powder containers are available in different versions. They are available in different colours and designs. They offer space for at least three powder rations and have the practical tipping or pouring aid. The containers are particularly light, do not take up much space and therefore find a place in every diaper bag. The storage of the powder in the containers is absolutely airtight and leak-proof.

And milk powder portioners are not only a convenient help when you are out and about. Even at home, pre-weighed portions can make bottle feeding easier - especially at night!
If bottle feeding is no longer needed, the small containers can still be used to carry small snacks.

Buy milk powder portioners online

Powdered milk portioners in various designs can be conveniently ordered online.

  • Different designs from various well-known manufacturers
  • chambers or individual containers for one dry milk portion each
  • airtight and leak-proof
  • resealable
  • Sterilisable and suitable for dishwashers
  • incl. tilting and pouring aid
  • Plastic, BPA-free