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bottle teat

Always the right teat for the right bottle

There are different teats for each brand of baby bottle. Once you have found your baby bottle, you still need to find the right attachment. The teats each differ in the strength of the drinking flow.
Every baby has its own drinking rhythm, so it is important to test the teats. The same teat is not ideal for every baby. As a guideline, an age recommendation is given with each teat to help you find the right teat.
Since a teat is used every day, we recommend replacing the teat every 3 months for reasons of hygiene. By the way, you can find more articles about food here.

How can I tell if I am using the right teat?

- If your child keeps swallowing while drinking, you should use a smaller teat.
- If your child has to pull very hard and takes an unusually long time to drink, try the next size of teat.
- For viscous food, use a Y teat.
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