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baby bottle

The right baby bottle for every child: tips and recommendations.

"Cool, now I can already drink from the baby bottle!"
The different models and shapes are suitable for different palates. Depending on the child, the needs and requirements for a baby bottle are different. After the breastfeeding period, which lasts about six months, the changeover to a baby bottle is not always easy for every bundle of joy.
To make things easier, the manufacturers have carried out many tests and trials so that your darling can get used to the change as quickly as possible.

Plastic or glass - which baby bottle is the right one?

The tops of the baby bottles are similar to the shape of the breast and fit snugly in the mouth of the hearty baby. There are baby bottles made of plastic or glass. The plastic bottles are very light and can be held by your little darling quite quickly. With a plastic bottle, it is advisable from a hygiene point of view to change the bottles every three months. Glass bottles are easier to clean and more durable, but they are heavier than plastic bottles and are more likely to break if the bottle falls out of your hand. Most of the time, baby bottles at this age don't differ in colour or pattern, but in how the shape fits in the mouth and whether it feels good to drink from or not. Try it out, your baby will show you which baby bottle is most comfortable for him or her.

Growing baby bottles - why buy a new one every time?

So that you don't have to buy a new baby bottle each time as your baby grows, you can conveniently change the attachment to a stronger level. The teats have different sized holes and adapt to your child's drinking behaviour. In the beginning, a little less milk or water flows out, but as time goes by, the openings get bigger and so the drinking flow is also stronger.
It is important that the baby bottles are sterilised up to eight months and always have a clean top. This helps to prevent illnesses and, above all, tummy aches. There are different materials for baby bottles, all of which are machine-washable.