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baby food warmer

What is the difference between a bottle warmer and a baby food warmer?

The difference between the two devices is quite simple to explain. While the bottle warmer only brings baby bottles with milk to the right temperature, a baby food warmer heats the food for the smallest ones. This includes, for example, the usual baby food jars or other containers with food for children. A combination device is recommended, which has both functions, heating the bottles as well as the baby food.

How does the baby food warmer work?

A baby food warmer is hardly any different from a kettle in terms of handling and is very easy to use. It is plugged into the mains and after adding water, the container to be heated is inserted into the baby food warmer. There is a mark inside the appliance to guide you on how much water to pour in. As soon as the desired temperature is reached, the appliance switches off automatically and makes itself known with a sound or light signal.

How do I operate the bottle warmer?

Many bottle warmers are equipped with a control dial to set the desired temperature. The bottle warmer allows breast milk and baby milk to be heated gently and evenly in all commercially available baby bottles.

Are there bottle warmers for on the go?

A bottle warmer is not only suitable for heating baby milk at home, but also for when you are on the road, travelling, staying with friends or in a hotel. These models can be connected to the car's cigarette lighter by means of a 12-volt adapter in order to prepare a perfectly tempered meal in a baby bottle with teat. The teats are available in stores or on the Internet as bottle accessories.

Is it worth buying a bottle warmer or baby food warmer?

Once you have tried a bottle warmer or baby food warmer, you won't want to do without it. The devices bring milk and porridge as well as other food to the right temperature in a palate-friendly and gentle way and are also more economical than any cooker. Almost all models use either hot water or steam for this purpose, although the equipment of the devices varies.