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From breastfeeding to bottle: How to find the perfect baby bottle and teat.

The transition from breastfeeding to bottle is not always easy. And even those who cannot breastfeed as a young mum need a baby bottle and the right teat right from the start. The bottles themselves are available in many different designs and, with the right attachment, become flexible to suit individual needs. Whether milk, tea or juice, every drink needs the right teat and of course the right hole. If the hole and teat are not well matched, the baby will choke or become impatient because it is not getting enough food. Baby bottles are now also available in a special plastic that is suitable for toddlers. You can also choose between different materials, shapes and sizes for the tops. Often you just have to try out different products until you find the best one for your child.

Why a steriliser is indispensable for baby's teat

Who hasn't experienced it: when you finally have everything perfectly matched, the teat is broken or needs to be replaced. If you have several in circulation, switching to a different attachment is not so difficult. Especially now it is important that the rubber teats are always well sterilised. With a practical steriliser, this is possible without a lot of time and is also very thorough. It is also suitable for sterilising bottles, toys and soothers. Toddlers and babies in particular do not have many antibodies and germs and bacteria often have an easy time of it.

Everything for the baby bottle: from bottle stands to bottle warmers

Without the right accessories, the best baby bottle is only half as good. Whether teat, bottle brush or bottle stand, baby bottles need more than just the right teat. Bottles and attachments dry particularly well on special bottle racks, and they also keep the kitchen tidy. Various bottle brushes should also be part of the basic equipment in the kitchen when it comes to clean bottles, cups and teats. Perfectly suited for preparing baby food are milk powder portioners and bottle warmers. In an airtight container, they are also the ideal companions when out and about. Whether electric or as a thermal container, the practical bottle warmers should not be missing in any household with a small child. Even if the little darling sleeps longer, the baby food can be prepared normally and kept warm for a certain time in the thermal container. An electric bottle warmer is particularly suitable for the night. The food for the baby can then be ready portioned in the evening and kept in the fridge until it is actually needed. In the bottle warmer, it is then heated to the right temperature when needed.

When and why bottles should be replaced

It is not for hygienic reasons that baby food bottles should be changed regularly. Over time, the amount of food a baby eats also changes. If bottles with a small capacity are sufficient in the first months, the little ones drink almost twice the amount later on. Then the bottles should also be particularly handy for small children's hands. This way, children quickly learn to hold their bottles themselves. Of course, a cute bib should not be missing either.