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Sleeve bib

At the table like the grown-ups (almost)

Many children already show an interest in eating at the age of four to six months. Of course, such a little person, who doesn't even sit by himself, should not be forced into the high chair. Mum's lap is much more comfortable. And then the plate is not far away ... Fortunately, children are extremely curious and want to discover the world. It's normal that the table doesn't always look so clean. The chaos can be contained quite well with a baby bib with sleeves. Sleeved bibs are loyal companions for a long time, because even children aged two or three who like to experiment with food themselves can use them to stay clean. Placemats and bibs are simply practical.

Fun with food instead of prohibitions

Research has now reached the point where children are not only allowed to have their own, self-determined eating behaviour. On the contrary, it should even be encouraged. For those who can correctly classify feelings such as hunger and fullness at an early age are more likely not to develop eating disorders of any kind, even in their teenage years and adulthood. Healthy children are children who try food and experiment with food.

In the past, it was common to fix the child's arms when handing them food. This was to prevent the children from reaching into the food or picking up the spoon themselves. Today, we know that such fixation has little to do with human dignity. Children like to imitate. With the right high chair and accessories such as cushions and others, the child can sit independently and simply imitate the adults it sees opposite.

The sleeve bib is coated with a moisture-repellent material so that porridges and soups cannot soak through onto the clothes. The front is made of a pleasantly soft terry cloth that is absorbent. So if the shreds (or drops) fly again at mealtimes, it won't matter: Bibs with sleeves ensure that said drops don't get far.

Easy-care accessories for the dining table

Basically, it doesn't matter whether a shirt or a bib with sleeves ends up in the laundry basket after a meal ... from the washing machine's point of view, it doesn't matter. from the washing machine's point of view, it doesn't make much difference. But many children don't like to be changed. A bib that is simply tied at the neck or fastened with Velcro is more comfortable. Sleeve bibs also protect the clothing on the sleeves and the child's arms. Because more or less warm porridge doesn't feel so good on a bare forearm in summer either.

Baby bibs with sleeves are generally easy to care for and can be washed in the machine. But there is another special variant that is especially practical when travelling: some sleeve bibs are washable. They are made of a non-absorbent material to which food bits and drops stick but do not roll off or soak in. After the meal, the sleeve bib (washable) is simply wiped off with a damp cloth. After a short drying time, it can be wrapped up.

Particularly pleasant: the eating and playing apron

Children don't just want to let off steam when eating. Sometimes they also get into it when playing. Colours drip, plasticine is rolled along the belly, arms are massaged with mud soap ... A water-repellent play apron with sleeves ensures clean clothes. It goes without saying that this apron can also be worn when eating. The eating and playing apron can of course be worn at mealtimes as an alternative to the sleeved bib. It has what it takes to become a favourite!