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Seat cushion

Comfort and safety thanks to seat reducer or high chair seat cushion!

The time has come! Your baby is sitting in the high chair with you at breakfast for the first time. Every step towards more direct participation in family life is a special moment for parents and child. Sitting properly at the table gives your baby the opportunity to discover food with a variety of tastes together with you. Depending on the high chair used, an infant can move into its own seat from the moment it can sit freely on its own or even earlier with a suitable newborn attachment. A suitable seat reducer or high chair seat cushion should not be missing at this point.

Why are seat reducers necessary for babies?

Sitting upright in a high chair offers many advantages, especially with the introduction of complementary feeding. The child does not choke as easily when eating as when lying down and the parents' backs are also protected when feeding in this position. But in the beginning, most high chairs are still too big for your baby. Although this offers the sensible option of placing the child in the chair for a longer period of time, at the same time there is a danger in the beginning that an infant will slip out. Especially the durable and stable wooden chairs often offer little support with their smooth surface. The baby can be seriously injured by sliding out or even sit leaning to one side due to the unnecessary space in the high chair. This results in an unphysiological posture that can damage the baby's still very flexible spine. A seat reducer is used to pad out the initially excess space in the high chair. There are specially manufactured products from many brands such as the "STOKKE Tripp Trapp Baby Seat Cushion", which are designed exactly for their designs. In addition, it is possible to use a seat reducer that can be adapted to many different models, such as the one from the company Geuther to use. Strapping in with a matching harness is of course also possible in the padded seat version, so that your child is offered not only a comfortable seat but also the highest possible level of safety. In case something goes wrong and the bib doesn't catch everything during the first feeding attempts with porridge food, the seat reducers are, befitting a baby item, trouble-free and easy to clean.

Why is a high chair seat cushion recommended?

High chairs like the classic Trip Trap are often designed to be used for several years. Height-adjustable parts allow the seat to adapt to the changing needs of the growing child. In this way, the former high chair can be transformed into a seat on which the first homework is done or a seat is taken at games night. Sitting takes up a lot of space, especially in the everyday life of school children. A posture that is as physiological as possible is supported by the shape of most high chairs, but if the child finds the seat or backrest uncomfortable, he or she may adopt a harmful incorrect posture to compensate. You can prevent this by using a seat cushion. Here, too, there are suitable products from the respective manufacturers for their models. With different colours or patterns to choose from, your child can also personalise his or her seat with many seat cushions. Products like the "STOKKE Tripp Trapp Junior cushion" have an extra non-slip underside to ensure a secure hold. Easy attachment and removal are also included in the designs of the various manufacturers. Thanks to a child-friendly production made of machine-washable material, the seat cushions can be cleaned and reattached very easily.