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High chairs

Growing up at the table: comfortable high chairs for the little ones.

The first, own throne at the big table with the adults. So that the little hungry addition can also take a seat at the table, there are casual high chairs that offer the best comfort.

A height-adjustable setting adjusts the child's height to the height of the table. A safety belt ensures that your little one is also protected when sitting in the high chair. The high-quality high chairs can be used from birth up to approximately 15 kilograms. The comfortable seat unit invites you not only to eat, but also to paint or do handicrafts. Many different versions offer many exclusive accessories.

From birth to desk: the versatile uses of high chairs

We would like to introduce you to a few special features: Adjustable reclinposition, removable table board, small basket for playing and painting things, mobile wheels, integrated toys and many other great features. For storage, the high chairs made of plastic are practical and compact to store. The ones made of the high-quality material wood are declared with a long life span. Since it is a natural fibre, these high chairs may also withstand more weight load.
The chairs can be equipped with a seat cushion so that sitting on the new high chair is also comfortable. Depending on the model, the high chair can later be converted into a desk chair and thus accompany your treasure throughout childhood. As soon as your child sits at the table with you and no longer eats alone, he or she will watch what you eat and want to try it. Because you are the biggest role model for your angel, healthy food that you eat will also be loved by your child.

With us you will find a large selection and a suitable model for every style and desire. We would like to introduce you to a few top modern and first class brands: Stokke, Joie, Chicco, Geuther, Peg Pérego and many other manufacturers.