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Cybex Accessories

Cybex accessories stand for design and functionality

Cybex has successfully established itself on the world market for baby products. The company was founded in 2005 and is now an extremely successful market player in the baby&child category. Cybex operates according to the D.S.F principle. These three letters stand for design, safety and functionality. It is precisely this concept that has won the manufacturer many awards. The products are geared towards an urban lifestyle and modern parents.

What accessories does Cybex specialise in?

The manufacturer focuses on products for babies and children that simplify everyday life for parents. That's why there is a suitable accessory for almost every category that is not only presentable, but also practical and useful. Whether for the pram, the child seat or for your home: with Cybex you will find the right accessories.

Useful things for the p

ram The walk should not only be relaxing for you, but also as comfortable as possible for your child. A cup holder also makes it easier for you to drink, whether you're jogging or on long walks. With the right snack tray, your child can help itself without having to interrupt the walk. Maybe you are in a hurry and are glad to be able to drink your morning coffee on the go. In winter, the matching footmuff will keep your feet and legs warm so that your little one will enjoy the outing even in the cold. If you like to be out and about in the snow in winter, the ski attachment is the ideal solution. The attachment can be clamped under the wheels in seconds and nothing stands in the way of a walk on snow-covered roads. Of course, there are also suitable accessories for the innovative epriam pushchair. Spare batteries, spare wheels and a power supply unit with mains plug are a must.

Accessories for the car journey

The manufacturer has also thought of everything for relaxed outings for the car journey. The cup holder can be attached to the child seat so that your child can drink even on longer journeys. So you can continue the car ride without having to stop. If you travel a lot by car during the day in summer and are exposed to the heat, the summer cover for the child seat provides relief. The cover made of light viscose fabric and bamboo cellulose ensures optimal temperature regulation and regulates moisture. The bigger your child grows, the more independent it becomes. It may happen that it can loosen the belt on its own during the ride. To control this while driving, the Sensor Safe Dongle offers additional safety. Connected to your smartphone, you receive an immediate notification if something is wrong with the child seat.

What distinguishes Cybex accessories from other manufacturers?

The German company does not only focus on a functional benefit. Over the last few years, it has developed into a lifestyle and fashion brand and is also perceived as such. According to its own statement, the designed products exceed the limits that correspond to the D.S.F principle. This means that there is an accessory for almost every need. You may feel that an accessory is superfluous, but for other parents it is a real saviour in everyday life - and that is precisely the goal of the brand. No wish should remain unfulfilled and at the same time satisfy as many parents as possible. Over 450 product tests are carried out every year and Cybex is always at the top of the rankings. If you place a lot of value on design, then you are absolutely right with the accessories from Cybex. The accessories are perfectly coordinated with the entire range and complement it sensibly. In cooperation with various designers who are inspired by the fashion world, Cybex creates the most extraordinary models. Countless celebrities count on the products from the German manufacturer and parents all over the world trust in the functional and at the same time attractive accessories.