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Cybex Pram

In a pram from Cybex, every trip is a pleasureTo

be mobile with babies and toddlers in the city and in the countryside, prams are a popular solution. Cybex pays attention to stability in a pram and offers safety and reclining or sitting comfort for the little ones and comfortable handling for the adults. Soft upholstery and large lying surfaces or wide seating options let the little ones enjoy the ride in the pram. Thanks to the four-wheel suspension, bumps are only slightly noticeable for the children. Handlebars that are adjustable in height allow parents to push the pram in an upright position. Depending on the model, large storage compartments are available for stowing purchases in the pram.

Newborns lie in the carrycot

Newborns and young babies lie on their backs during a ride. The baby tub offers a cosy feel-good experience thanks to its soft mattress. The little one's line of sight is towards the parents so that they can react to their child. Cybex baby baths have an integrated sun canopy with UV protection and a wind cover. The carrycot is mounted on the frame of the pushchair with a click system. A particularly practical feature is the small zipped compartment on the tub, where parents can store important utensils such as keys or a wallet.

A sporty pram for older children

When the little ones can hold their heads independently and the spine has gained stability, then the little ones no longer need to be transported lying down. A pushchair allows the little ones to be aware of their surroundings. Thanks to the swivelling handlebars, the little ones can look in the direction of travel or at their parents. In the pushchair, the toddlers are secured with a 3-point system and a bar. Soft padding in the head area, an extended support for the little feet and an adjustable backrest up to sleepposition underline the high quality of Cybex. The little ones are safe from wind and weather in their prams thanks to a sun canopy with UV protection. The matching sunshade or rain cover is available as an accessory. If a small mishap should occur during a ride, a nappy change or a meal in the pram, the cover can simply be removed and washed at a low temperature.

Easy change of the cover

Children grow very quickly and after nine months at the latest they need the sports attachment instead of the carrycot. With a few simple steps and the patented click system, parents can transform the pram for newborns into a sporty buggy. To make the changeover easy for the babies, the backrests of the sport extensions can be adjusted steplessly or in several stages, depending on the model, and a reclining position can be assumed.posposition can be assumed. The sport attachments can be used until the newborns weigh around 22 kg.

More comfort with Cybex

Every Cybex pushchair is equipped with the right wheels for the city and country walks. Thanks to a new type of material, the wheels do not break down and cannot have a flat tyre. The smaller the dimension of the wheels, the more manoeuvrable the stroller. Large wheels make it easy to negotiate obstacles. Skids are available as accessories for the pram, making it easier to drive in the snow. A Cybex pushchair weighs an average of 15 kg. Together with the weight of the child and utensils that are important for the trip and are carried along, this results in a large weight load for the pushing parents. With Cybex, pushing is made easier by an electric drive that supports parents on trips of up to 45 km. The battery is charged using the enclosed charging cable from a conventional socket. Parents can also use the e-assistance to brake the stroller. Conventional brakes that are operated with the foot are built into all pushchairs. Of course, every Cybex pushchair can be transported in the car, as it can be folded with a flick of the wrist. The packing dimensions for the pushchairs vary depending on the model, but can be stowed in any car boot with a size of around 85 x 50 x 30.