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Cybex Home

Cybex Home offers the little ones safety and a sense of well-being

In the first few weeks after birth, newborns show natural reflexes, but after around four weeks, the little ones begin to perceive their environment more actively and use their movements more purposefully. This point in time means that the little ones are curious about their surroundings. Cybex Home products support babies in their joys of discovery and give parents peace of mind. Whether in the child seat, high chair or baby bouncer: the little ones take part in family life through the products from Cybex.

Baby bouncers are fun

The gentle rocking in the baby bouncers calms babies and makes them beam with pleasure. The little ones can observe what is happening in the home through the free sides and are right in the middle of family life. To ensure that the little ones are safe in their rocker, they must always be strapped in. The Cybex rockers are equipped with a 3-point harness system and soft padding all around. So that the rockers can already be used by newborns, the seat reducer provides stable support for the head and a healthy posture. Thanks to the adjustable backrest, you can choose between an upright sitting and a flat reclining position.position can be chosen. The little ones are safely deposited in the rocker when the parents prepare the bottle or are busy in the household. After an exciting day, the rocking movements help the little ones to calm down and drift off to a restful sleep. While the little ones are pushed by the adults, older children can set the seesaw in motion on their own thanks to its springy construction. The cover of the rocker can be removed and washed in the washing machine at a low temperature. If you have the Cybex nest, you can convert the nest into a rocker thanks to the separately available rocker stand.

High chairs allow shared meals

When babies can sit independently, they no longer want to be fed while lying down. With the Cybex high chairs, the little ones take a seat at the shared lunch or dinner table and can be fed comfortably. Babies and toddlers enjoy sitting at the table with the grown-ups. They observe and thus quickly learn to use their own cutlery. The special feature of Cybex high chairs is that they grow with the age of the little ones. For babies who are not yet secure in the upright position, a seat reducer is used to protect the spine and relieve pressure on the vertebrae and intervertebral discs. Infants are secured in the high chair and have their own feeding tray in front of the seating area. Older children can use the high chair without a safety bar. They love to climb onto the high chair on their own. So that the seat height and the steps are adapted to the size of the little ones, they can be adjusted in several steps. Since the height of the seat and its depth can be adjusted effortlessly, the models can also be used by adults.

A system with many safety factors

With the Home products, all the parts fit together. The rocker can be mounted on the high chair or the safety belt can be added to either the high chair or the rocker. The adapter set allows the high chair frame to be used in a variety of ways. The Leg Extensions extend and secure the high chair. Because safety is lived without compromise at Cybex, the products are always well thought out. This has led to numerous international awards for safety, functionality and design. All products undergo annual crash tests and are tested by independent institutes in order to constantly revise and improve the safety aspects.

Timeless design by Cybex

Clear and minimalist lines dominate the home products of the German company. The pioneering safety features and innovative designs have turned the lifestyle products into sought-after fashion items that meet the urban demands of parents and the comfort of little ones. By focusing on safety, design and quality in combination with functionality, the products have been showered with more than 450 awards and managed to win fifteen Red Dot Design Awards. Because for babies, toddlers and their families, the best is good enough.