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Cybex Child Seats

Cybex makes every car journey safe

Car seats protect babies and children on every car journey. Legal regulations on the type of child seats are in place country by country and depend on the age, size and weight of the children. Cybex offers car seats for every group that are high quality, robust and comfortable and comply with the latest safety regulations.

The right choice of car seats for children

All models of child seats are divided into classes from 0 to III. These classes are based on standard sizes and a standard weight of the little ones. Since babies and toddlers grow and develop individually, these standard sizes can only be guidelines. It is advisable to select a child seat according to the actual size of the child. As a rule of thumb, if the little one's head is only two finger widths below the upper edge of the seat, then you should change to the next class. This is because of a possible accident. The force of the impact pushes the child upwards in its seat and could injure itself if the seat is too small with too little clearance.

The Cybex baby seats for the smallest children

Ready after leaving hospital, a newborn baby must be transported home in a baby car seat in the car. The baby car seat must be installed facing backwards. Cybex offers a seat reducer in the shells for good seating comfort for newborns. The height adjustment allows babies to be transported almost lying down or, after a few weeks of life, with their backs slightly raised. Baby car seats are fitted using the Isofix system or the car's own seat belt. In the shell, a multi-point harness secures the very youngest. The shells are softly padded and have side impact protection. They can be used for babies up to around 10 kg.

Child seats for infants from Cybex

In the class I and II car seats, children can be secured both forward and rearward facing. With a few simple adjustments, these child seats are suitable for toddlers and children up to 25 kg. The little ones are secured in the seat with a harness belt and this is connected to the body of the car with the Isofix system. In the event of an accident, the force of the impact is transferred to the car parts. Built-in side impact protectors and energy-absorbing materials dampen the impact force in Cybex car seats.

Even the big ones use car seats

Children who are taller than one metre and weigh more than 22 kg may be transported in a booster seat only. In this age and weight class, the classic car seat belt system is used for the children. A backrest is recommended because it protects the head in the event of an accident and provides its own side impact protection. The adjustable backrest guarantees that the car's belt runs across the children's chest at the correct height. This prevents injuries and chafing during the car ride and the belt protects properly in the event of an accident. Cybex offers group III child seats for the tall ones, which have a comfortable seat, armrests and soft headrests.

Accessories from Cybex for car seats

Children do not pay attention to cleanliness in the car when getting in and sitting down. Dirty shoes are pushed against the front seat without a second thought and snacking during a long car ride can lead to stains on the child seat cover. Cybex accessories make it easier for parents to transport their little ones. The covers are removable and can be cleaned in the washing machine. Separate, airier covers are available for the warm summer season. Footmuffs keep babies warm and protect the front seat from dirt. If parents want to put their baby in the infant carrier while still at home and transport their darling to the car in this way, the rain cover offers good protection against rain. For even more comfort for older children, the cup holder can be fitted to the car seats. Safety is the focus with the Sensor Safe Dongle. The small additional device is mounted on the child's seat belt and connected to the adult's mobile phone. This makes it possible to check during the car journey whether the child's belt has been properly fastened and the car seat correctly installed. The electronic helper checks the temperature in the car and reports if it is uncomfortably warm or cold for the little ones. This guarantees more relaxed driving.