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Cybex baby carriers

Reliable baby carriers from CybexFor

more than 25 years, Cybex

has been

committed to producing durable children's products. Today, the company is considered a fashion and lifestyle brand. Cybex follows its own D.S.F principle. Design, safety and functionality are central to the development of new products. The brand is not only known for first-class child seats, but also for prams, furniture and baby carriers. The baby carriers in beautiful designs are aimed at fashion-conscious parents. Whether a classic carrier or those with an additional wrap-around function - the products are aimed at parents with an urban lifestyle and are fashionable fashion accessories at the same time.

Convincing aspects

The baby carriers by Cybex put your offspring in the perfect position and meet the requirements of ergonomic carrying, which also midwives and medical professionals endorse. All Cybex baby carriers are suitable from birth to two years of age. The carrying modes can be changed depending on the age and size of your child. This makes the baby carrier a reliable and useful aid. The belly carry is already suitable for newborns. After three months, you can switch to the hip-carrying method for the corresponding models. Make sure that you change sides regularly, because this variant puts a lot of strain on one side and can lead to discomfort in the long run. At about six months, your baby can hold its head independently and you can incorporate the back-carrying position into your daily routine. If your child likes this position, he or she will enjoy a clear view and you will have your hands free. All Cybex models are machine washable at 30 ° C.

Why baby carriers are useful

The bond with the parents is strengthened by the close physical contact. This gives your baby a feeling of safety and security. Babies love the familiar closeness to the body, the warmth and hearing the heartbeat. The gentle rocking makes it easier for your baby to fall asleep, which is especially helpful in case of colic or reflux problems. For you, a baby carrier also means more comfort, because your hands are free and you can go about your daily tasks. Especially during outings, the carrier proves to be a safe means of transport, which is the more comfortable solution in crowded areas. On walks that are unsuitable for a pram, it is the ideal solution. Tiresome loading and unloading of the pram is no longer necessary, because a baby carrier does not need any extra space. If you need to go quickly or are in a hurry, many parents prefer this variant.

Which baby carrier should I choose?

All baby carriers from Cybex support the natural squat-splay posture and thus promote healthy hip development of your child. The manufacturer's models meet the highest demands of parents who place a lot of value on design. The right baby carrier is a matter of personal taste. Do you prefer the comfort of a wrap-around carrier or should it be a most practical version with a click system? Cybex offers a selection for every need. You can adjust the bar and headrest on every model so that your child is always assured of the correct ergonomic position. If you and your partner want to share a baby carrier, the Yuma Click with its click system is suitable. This allows you to put the carrier on and take it off quickly and easily. After putting on the carrier, you can adjust the hip and shoulder straps yourself without outside help so that it is comfortable for both parents. If the Cybex baby carrier should fulfil the functionality of a wrap sling and still completely fulfil the safety aspect, the YUMA Tie or MAIRA Tie is an option. The combination of carrier and sling is made of soft, cuddly cotton fabric and can be worn in all three orientations. No matter which baby carrier you prefer, you are choosing an optimal option and a companion that will support you as your child grows up.