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Child Car Seat

Child seats with the R129/i-Size standard for children from 100-150 cm

The safety of children when driving is of the utmost importance, and child seats play a central role here. Since July 2013, there has been a new European standard for child seats, the so-called i-Size regulation or R129, which lays down precise regulations on the safety of child seats and their installation. These requirements are particularly relevant for children with a height of around 100-150 cm, as they are at an age where they no longer fit into infant carriers or smaller child seats, but still require additional safety measures until they can use the vehicle's seat belt.

What is R129/i-Size?

The R129, also known as the i-Size standard, is an EU regulation that has been in force since 2013 and is intended to improve the safety of child car seats. The standard specifies, among other things:

  • Child seats must now use ISOFIX attachment points, which reduces installation errors.
  • Side impact protection is a mandatory test for homologation.
  • Children up to the age of at least 15 months should be transported in rear-facing child seats.
  • A simpler classification system based on the size of the child.

Choosing the right R129/i-Size child seat

For children between 100 and 150 cm tall, it is important to choose a child seat that not only meets their height requirements, but also meets the specific needs of their age. The following points should be considered when choosing the right child seat:

  1. Height and weight: The child seat must be adjusted to the height and weight of the child.
  1. Rear-facing or forward-facing: For a long time, it was recommended that child seats be used rear-facing. However, with the i-Size standard, it is also safe to transport larger children in forward-facing seats, as long as they are approved for their size.
  1. ISOFIX: If possible, choose a seat with ISOFIX anchorage for easier and safer installation.
  1. Side impact protection: Additional protection in the event of a side collision is an important aspect of the i-Size standard.
  1. Adjustability: A good i-Size child seat should have adjustable headrests and belt guides so that it can grow with the child.
  1. Headrest and ergonomic design: An ergonomic fit and an adjustable headrest offer additional comfort and protection.

Installing the child seat

Correct installation of the R129/i-Size child seat is crucial for the child's safety while driving. Here are some tips for installation:

  • ISOFIX base station: Ensure that the base station is correctly installed in the car. The ISOFIX arms should engage firmly in the ISOFIX points.
  • Control indicator: Many i-Size seats have indicators or signals that confirm that the seat is correctly installed.
  • Harnesses and harness protectors: If the seat is forward-facing, make sure that the internal harnesses or harness protectors are tight and running correctly.
  • Vehicle manual: Always check your vehicle and child seat manual for specific instructions.

Safety tips

  • Instructions for use: Carefully read the instructions for use of the child seat and follow the instructions carefully.
  • Do not place anything under or behind the seat: Take care not to place any objects under or behind the child seat that could affect its stability.
  • Inspection: Check regularly that the seat and its components are functioning correctly and that there are no signs of damage or wear.
  • Never buckle up with a jacket: Buckle your child in without a thick jacket as this can impair the effectiveness of the harness system.
  • Replace after an accident: Child seats should be replaced after an accident, even if there is no visible damage.


Choosing a child seat that complies with the R129/i-Size standard is essential for the safety and protection of your children on the road. Make sure you choose a seat that meets current safety standards, is correctly installed and is suitable for your child's height and weight. With the right child seat and proper use, you can rest assured that your child is optimally protected on every journey.