Child Car Seat

Car seats for children (from 15 kg)

After the use of the safety systems of group 1, which range up to a body weight of approximately eighteen kilograms or an age of up to four years, the car seats of group 2/3 follow. This advanced group is permitted from a weight of fifteen kilograms to thirty-six kilograms body weight. This means that your child can be secured in these from the age of three until the end of the child seat era.

If your infant carrier supports a permissible weight of your child of fifteen kilograms, you can then also consider a group 2/3 child seat to secure your little one. In this category, the models vary between seats with attachment to the Isofix station or with the sole use of three-point belts. Products with headrests, reinforced sides and backrests as well as simple booster seats can also be found in the range. All safety systems for your child comply with the ECE R44/04 standard. Many well-known brand manufacturers have specialised in the production of child seats for use in the car.

Booster seats for your car are available in various designs. There are the very simple seat cushions as play furniture made of polystyrene as well as more compact products of high quality. The lower parts are anatomically shaped and made of non-toxic plastic. Padded covers offer the best seating comfort for your child. The booster seats are very practical for short journeys or as second seats, as they are lightweight and easy to handle.

They are also the cheapest, but not the safest way to transport your treasure in the car, as head and neck are unprotected in the event of an accident. Your child is only strapped in with the car's seat belt. Do not switch to this system too soon, as small and narrow children can slip under the belts.

Some of these seats support Isofix installation. In some products, an additional belt guide ensures a better fit of the shoulder belt, which can be adjusted in height with this. The covers can usually be removed and are washable.

An ideal second seat that is a good companion when travelling can be found in the inflatable car seat. Uninflated, it fits in a handbag. It also complies with all the necessary safety regulations.

Group 2/3 seats, which offer your child greater safety and optimum comfort when travelling, can be recognised by the fact that they have height-adjustable headrests and backrests so that you can adapt them to your child's growth stages. Extra head protection as well as side impact protection can save your little one from serious injury in the event of an accident. A marking for the perfect routing of your car's three-point harness guarantees that the three-point harness is fitted correctly. Make absolutely sure that the shoulder belt cannot cut into the neck. Some car seats have belt hooks for this purpose. Soft padding supports comfort when sitting, which is more pleasant for your darling, especially on longer car journeys.

The seat will serve as a means of transport for your child for many years, so also consider that the covers are washable. Many children like to take a nap in the car. This is also possible in most group 2/3 seats by pulling the seat slightly forward. Your child's head then rests on the sides of the headrest. Please always take enough food and also some toys for your child on long journeys.