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Product information "Chicco Step up Teat 0m+"

All Step Up teats are designed and made from a brand new silicone: ultra-soft, silky smooth to the touch, extra elastic. Ideal for the baby since the earliest days of life. Each baby bottle Step Up is compatible with all bottle teats Step Up.

  • Teat Step Up New +0 months, Normal feeding flow
  • Ideal for newborn babies

Content 1 pc.

Age: from 0 M
Material: Silicone
Manufacturer "Chicco"
Chicco - everything for baby and toddler
The traditional Italian company Chicco (pronounced: Kie-ko) is part of the Artsana Group, founded in Como in 1946. Chicco itself has been dedicated to the world of products for babies and toddlers since 1958. Represented in 120 countries on 6 continents, Artsana has long been Chicco for a long time as the largest baby brand in Europe. The manufacturer holds many patents of its own and supports organisations and institutions worldwide that are dedicated to improving the living conditions of children - and thus their families.

At Chicco great importance is attached to the implementation of the latest research results. For example, the company works together with experts from the fields of medicine, psychology and education in its own research centre with a wide range of laboratories. The new products to be developed are constantly checked for their sound manufacture, their quality and their success with children. Children and parents play a central role in the constant improvement of the ChiccoThe new products are constantly checked for soundness, quality and success with children. Children and parents play a central role in the constant improvement of the products, so that each product goes through a process of fine-tuning with those who will later use it and for whom it is intended to make everyday life easier and more beautiful.

Ergonomically well thought-out and lovingly designed down to the last detail, the basic baby equipment from Chicco are, for example, the angled baby bottles in delicate pastel colours, which are easy to hold and which babies love to use. The range of different baby bottles with silicone teats alone is huge. The specially designed shapes ensure high functionality, including a reduced risk of air swallowing; they are also good and easy to clean. To ensure that clean, dry bottles are always to hand, there is also a practical drip stand with matching holders and storage surfaces for the baby dishes. Cutlery, crockery sets with cheerful motifs, stackable, microwave- and dishwasher-safe stacking containers for baby food, teething rings (also with cooling function) complete the equipment. Chicco However, also produced are bottle warmers (the compact version is good for on the go), porridge cookers and a practical steamer-mixer combination. A steam steriliser for up to six bottles ensures hygienic cleanliness.

The cosmetic products from Chicco are also very popular with babies and their parents. The range includes all the care and cleaning products needed by delicate baby skin and fine hair. They range from talcum powder, cotton pads, safety cotton swabs and moist cleansing wipes to shampoo and bubble bath, body lotion, soothing cream and nourishing cream (with a special winter variant to protect against dehydration in the cold) to massage oil, after-sun care and a mosquito repellent in roll-on form suitable for even the most delicate baby skin. Soft natural sponges, brushes and combs with rounded teeth and extra-protected nail scissors for tiny fingers complete the range of body care products. Of course, the range also includes well thought-out, safe changing tables with lots of storage options and electronic baby scales.

Clothes and shoes from Chicco are both beautiful and practical. The high quality of the products guarantees skin-friendliness, best fit and durability even with frequent washing. The offers range from bibs, bodysuits and rompers to baby's first cap and a complete outfit with trousers, shirt, jacket, socks, mittens and shoes. You'll find everything from chic down waistcoats to romantic blouses and sporty shorts. The selection of shoes alone is huge. In addition to the classic baby shoe, there are, for example, colourful ankle boots for newcomers to walking, which are sure to increase the fun of the new form of locomotion. Of course, there are also leather shoes and pretty, weatherproof boots for your little one's first winter outings. For the summer months Chicco has the right swimwear, including swim nappies and various waterproof shoes and sandals.

This way, baby and toddler are well equipped for any weather to explore the world outside! The children are then secured and transported comfortably and warmly in the legendary Chiccoproducts, ranging from cosy padded carrycots (Arctic Baby Softbag) and pram-like transport cots (Arctic Semirigid Carrycot) to prams, buggies for somewhat larger children, child car seats (Oasys 2-3 evo FixPlus) and booster seats (Auto Quasar Plus Astral). To avoid boredom in the car, the utensil bag, which can be attached to the back of a front seat and holds lots of toys and useful items, is a must for a longer trip.

To help babies and children learn about the world through play, a range of well-designed play products is available. Chicco offers a range of well thought-out play solutions for the different stages of development. These range from fabric rattles in the shape of animals, which invite the baby to grasp, touch, look and listen, to cuddly play figures - above all the popular classic in the shape of a bear - to the so-called baby gyms, easy-to-set-up arches on which various play activities are attached for the baby. Play blankets invite them to try out movements and explore their first square metre of the world, softly padded and in a safe environment. When the little ones get a little bigger, toys such as a painting palette and watering can or a baby "radio" with music, light and manual play options are added. Then it is also time to think about buying a baby walker and a baby seat so that the child, as the newest member of the family, can participate in the meals of the grown-ups at the dining table. Other seating options include baby nests for the very young, baby rockers and baby bouncers; for older children there are also baby sofas - soft, all-round cushioned seating with armrests and backrests with rounded edges and no corners at all (but in various cheerful colours).

However, the best known worldwide are probably the well thought-out and unsurpassed practical solutions for transporting babies. Classic prams, buggies and car seats have earned the brand a reputation Chicco The company's research and production departments use all their knowledge and skills to ensure consistent quality. The company's focus in the development of prams is to ensure that the child is transported in a protected and ergonomically correct way and that parents are so convinced by the function, safety, but also the flexibility and design of the products that they choose the brand again and again and also recommend it to others.

The complete equipment for the walk or outing with the child is purchased with the activ 3 Trio System pushchair. The three-wheeled pushchair for active parents and children can be braked with one hand. It is softly padded, has a sprung rear axle, sun and rain protection and a hanging basket. When folded, it can be easily stowed in a car boot as a compact package. With the pushchair attachment, the system becomes a fully-fledged pushchair with height-adjustable headrest and canopy for all seasons in just a few steps. The system's infant carrier can also be easily attached to the pushchair frame. The seat reducer and head guard provide optimum protection for the baby at all times; the backrest is shock-absorbent to provide extra protection for the baby's sensitive back. Of course there are Chicco has the matching bedding and covers, also with mite protection if desired.

A bestseller is the Lite Way buggy with bow handles, which is available in many different colours. The four smooth-running wheels guarantee effortless pushing, and if the child gets tired, the backrest can be lowered into a completely horizontal sleeping position.posThere are a total of five different backrest positions; the legrest has two possible positions. A 5-point harness system secures even active children. The convertible top and rain cover make the buggy suitable for any weather. Due to its foldable front bar, the packing dimensions are also minimal (105 x 20 centimetres with a weight of 7.5 kilograms). The Lite Way Buggy is approved for children from birth up to 22 kilograms. The London Up Buggy has four double wheels and is particularly comfortably equipped and features an extra-wide seat for increased comfort.

For transport by car, the Chicco offers, for example, the child car seats Go One (size class I from 9 to 18 kilograms) and Key 2/3 (size classes II and III from 15 to 36 kilograms). Both are of course certified according to the ECE standard. Go One is quick and easy to install and can be fastened either with a three-point belt or, in the Isofix version, with the corresponding system. The seat has a washable cover, shoulder pads and clearly visible belt guides. It is height-adjustable in six positions and the backrest can be adjusted in five positions. Additions include a sunshade, car seat cover and car seat protector as well as an optional summer cover. The Key 2/3 child seat can be used until the end of the child's compulsory child seat. It impresses with breathable cushions and covers and easily recognisable belt guides. It can be supplemented with a matching neck cushion.

If the children become more independent and want to progress on their own, the Chicco tricycles and walking bikes are the first choice. Coordination and sense of balance go hand in hand with the sense of achievement of soon being able to cover longer distances almost without parental help.

As one of the world's leading manufacturers of products for children from birth to around three years of age, we offer a wide range of high-quality products. Chicco offers a wide range of high-quality products. These range from classics such as prams, pushchairs and child car seats to baby bouncers, baby seats and baby walkers, as well as toys, fashion (including footwear) and care products.

Chicco is committed to values such as closeness, spontaneity, growth, creativity, accessibility, positive thinking and simplicity. It is precisely simple, flexible solutions that fit effortlessly into the respective everyday lives of parents and children that are a trademark and a promise of Chicco.

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