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Buying a changing mat - what you should consider

The changing table is a space-saving alternative to the changing table. They are used in smaller flats or at grandparents' homes, for example. They fit on conventional cots with a size of 70x140 or 60x120 and are simply placed crosswise. This way you can comfortably store the nappy or Pampers of your child or grandchild comfortably and at a convenient height and stow the changing unit away after use, for example under the bed. In this way, you save space as you do not need a permanently installed changing table. Other models can be mounted on bathtubs in standard sizes of 47-65 centimetres. Due to the raised side edges of the changing table in our shop, your child will lie safely on the changing mat. As with a conventional changing table, however, you should never leave it alone.

Changing on the changing mat

If you are changing your child or grandchild on a changing table, it is advisable to use an additional changing mat that is washable . This way, small accidents can be easily remedied. Since the top unit is usually stored elsewhere after use, it is advisable to store the necessary changing accessories, such as nappies and wet wipes, in easily accessible baskets . A toy, rattle or teething ring is also welcome on a changing table. This way, they can easily keep the child to be changed occupied and diapering does not become boring.