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baby wipes

Wet wipes - for daily freshness and healthy skin

From the moment of birth, changing nappies is part of your daily and nightly routine. A suitable changing table will protect your back, while a padded changing mat will provide your baby with a feeling of security. Most of the time, these preparations are already made in pregnancy full of anticipation. When it comes to choosing suitable care products, parents understandably also want to find the right one for their child. Thorough cleaning of the nappy area is important for the overall well-being of your baby. If the nappy is changed too infrequently or if excretions remain on the sensitive skin for too long, its natural barrier function is attacked. Once the bottom is sore, every further nappy change becomes an unpleasant experience for your child and therefore also for you. At the same time, it is important to remember that cleaning the nappy area also puts a strain on the baby's sensitive skin.

By choosing the right wet wipes, you can prevent skin irritations. This way you can make diapering as gentle as possible for your baby and keep his skin healthy in the long term.

Which wet wipes are suitable for baby care?

Baby wet wipes come into contact with the skin of the little ones every day. For this reason, they are carefully tested for their ingredients during their production. There is no place for potentially harmful or irritating substances. High-quality products therefore do not contain alcohol, parabens or a wild mix of artificial fragrances. Instead, the focus is on skin-friendly products with nourishing additives such as aloe. Cleaning with baby wipes gives a pleasant freshness and your child's skin is gently cared for at the same time. All wet wipes for babies are made of soft fleece or natural materials and should ideally be completely plastic-free. The tear-resistant structure of the wipes allows urine and faeces to be safely absorbed for easy disposal. At the same time, the wipes are soft enough in texture to be like a caress for baby's skin.

Are wet wipes suitable for cleaning the whole body?

Proper care with a mild shampoo and a suitable lotion or cream are essential for healthy baby skin. For in-between times, however, wet wipes are absolutely suitable for refreshing your baby. Whether on the go or at home, the easy removal thanks to resealable packaging guarantees you quick support. In addition, you can store the wipes in a wet wipe box for even easier handling.

Whether it's spitting up after breastfeeding or after the first taste of baby food - babies like to miss things. To keep your baby's skin velvety soft and to protect his eyes, you should only use fragrance-free cleansing wipes when caring for his face. Sensitive wet wipes offer a wonderful solution here. They can be found in the 4mybaby among others in the product range of Pampers and Nivea.