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changing pillowcase

Covers for changing pads

No adult likes to go to a wet and cold toilet in a dingy ambience. This is also the case with our little ones. They quickly become restless and a simple nappy change becomes an exhausting balancing act. Do something good for your baby and set up your own changing area where everything is within easy reach and your little one feels comfortable and secure. With just a changing board, it's easy to create a place where your baby will soon know exactly what's happening here.

Changing pad with matching cover for cleanliness and well-being

A changing pad serves as a base and ensures that your baby feels comfortable when lying on it, so that a nappy change is a pleasant experience. There are differences mainly in the basic shape of square or rectangular and depends on the space you have available. In terms of motifs and colours, you can often choose different versions for each product. Raised edges reliably provide stability and protection. A matching towelling cover keeps you warm and can be washed separately in case something does go wrong.

Covers for extra comfort

A changing mat can generally be wiped clean with a wet cloth. You can achieve additional comfort by adding a matching cover which, depending on the material, can be washed separately in the washing machine at 40°C for cotton and 60°C for terry cloth. There are plain-coloured versions, e.g. in white, dark blue or lilac, but also versions with discreet stippling or patterns to choose from.

In addition to wet wipes, a nappy pail is of course part of the standard equipment for a cosy nappy-changing corner, so that the feel-good atmosphere is maintained. You can find more ideas for nappy-changing equipment here.