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Changing mat

Changing mat for the baby

Bought achanging unit but haven't found a suitable changing mat yet? A changing mat has to be able to do a lot. First and foremost, the baby should feel comfortable and lie comfortably while being changed and dressed. But there are many other criteria that have to be met. For example, changing mats must meet a certain safety standard, be easy to clean and, of course, work for the particular changing place. We can help you find the right changing mat for your baby, at home or on the go.

Do you need a changing mat and if so, how many?

With a changing table or changing shelf, a changing mat should always move in before the new baby sees the light of day. The baby is comfortable and the parents can change in an equally relaxed position. If you choose a plastic model or a changing pad, one pad will be enough. However, it is advisable to get at least two washable covers for each variant in case something goes wrong. Now the question arises as to what can be used on the move. In this case, it is either worth buying a pack of throw-away changing pads or a washable pad that can be used again and again.

The right model for the changing table

In our shop we offer different models of changing shelves. There is a reason for this, of course. Just as there is no such thing as THE changing mat, there is of course also no such thing as THE changing table. Depending on the space available, there are large and small changing chests and therefore also changing pads and cushions in different sizes. Small changing mats are usually wedge-shaped. They form a comfortable hollow in which the baby lies safely. Larger changing mats have raised side edges to ensure sufficient safety.

The right materials

The materials used for changing pads and changing cushions are particularly important. In the best case, the filling consists of microbeads. These adapt perfectly to the baby's body and ensure a pleasant changing experience. Furthermore, it is advisable to choose a changing mat that would be made of washable materials or has a changing mat cover. Small accidents can then be quickly and easily removed with soap and water or the cover can be replaced. Disinfectants should not be used on plastic, as they corrode the material. In addition to washable changing mats for on the go in the changing bag, a washable cover also ensures that the baby does not have to lie on a cold surface. These covers are washable and warm the baby's sensitive skin.

Different models in our shop

In our shop you will find the right model for every individual requirement to make changing nappies an exciting experience for your baby. This is not only true for at home, but also for on the go. This is ensured by the washable pads, which can be conveniently carried in a handbag or rucksack. With all models that are placed on the changing table, the safety of the baby plays the highest role. This applies to changing cushions as well as changing pads and changing mats in every size. As far as the motifs are concerned, no wishes are left unfulfilled either. Changing pads and covers come in plain colours and with cute motifs that are child-friendly but not kitschy and blend discreetly into different rooms. Discover in our shop also many other accessories for the basic equipment of the newborn and everything around the topic nappy and changing.