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Buckets and cassettes

Find the right nappy pail for your home

Some parents can do without it, others don't want to miss it in their everyday life: a nappy pail. The advantage is obvious: after changing, each nappy is wrapped separately in foil. This results in less odour and the nappy can be disposed of quickly and easily. However, the search for the perfect pail is often difficult due to the extensive choice. What are the advantages of a nappy pail and what should you pay particular attention to?

The well thought-out concept of the practical nappy pail

Gone are the days when you throw the nappies in the household rubbish and the smell regularly hits you every time you open it. Put the nappies in the nappy pail after changing and seal them airtight and antibacterial in foil. Depending on the system, the nappies are either twisted in and pushed through or just thrown in through a double guard.

Practical accessories for easy and attractive handling

Most models require special refill cassettes, which can usually be purchased in various package sizes. Larger quantities are usually much cheaper. Individual models can be filled with standard bin liners, which of course saves money. In addition, individual nappy bins have attractive designs or covers that integrate the bin attractively into the room. For example, place the bin directly next to the changing table. You can find attractive ideas for nappy changing in the nappy changing category. This way you always have all the care products for your baby at hand.

Compare the best-known nappy pail manufacturers and weigh up your options

The Angelcare Nappy Pail - a classic and eye-catcher!

Among the best-known manufacturers of nappy bins are Angelcare. The nappy pail from Angelcare convinces with its slim, white design, is discreet and fits into any room without attracting attention. Its great advantage: the seven-layer, antibacterial foil tube is environmentally friendly thanks to its low consumption. The large capacity offers room for 57 nappies. There are also attractive combi-packs. Here you can order different quantities of refill cassettes. A nice accessory is the child-friendly cover, which turns an inconspicuous nappy pail into an attractive eye-catcher.

You can't go wrong with the Sangenic nappy pail!

The manufacturer Sangenic offers different nappy pails. The Sangenic nappy pail TEC offers everything that new parents need. The multi-layered Germ-Seal film safely seals in odours and gives bacteria no chance. The Easy-Push closure on the top of the pail allows you to push the nappy deeper into the pail without coming into contact with it. The bulbous shape of the pail is deceptive in terms of capacity. There is room for up to 28 nappies.

At Chicco you can do without expensive cassettes

With the Chicco nappy pail you can save a lot of money. It does not need any special refill cassettes. You can use standard bin liners. Never forget to order the cassettes in good time again. The manufacturer also attaches great importance to child's play when it comes to handling. The closure system also prevents unpleasant odours from escaping. You can operate it with one hand! Very practical if you are still holding the baby in your arms at the same time.

The Korbell nappy pail saves unnecessary handling!

With the perfectly designed nappy pail from Korbell you don't need a free hand! Open the pail with the foot pedal and throw in the nappy. The hermetic double protection prevents unpleasant odours. The film is biodegradable and absolutely economical. You only use as much film as you need. One refill cartridge is enough for 240 nappies! With the attractive combination sets you can save real money.

Alternatives to nappy pails

When thinking about nappies, consider the advantages and disadvantages of cloth nappies. Although they are expensive to buy, you can also save money over time with cloth nappies. Do you prefer disposable nappies? Browse through the versatile nappy offers and save money on combination deals here, too. At 4mybaby you will also find many other suitable accessories for nappies and diapers, including changing pads and changing tables.