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Washing glove

Wash gloves are practical utensils for baby care

A wash mitt is practical and fun at the same time, as the palm-sized piece of fabric makes a valuable contribution to baby's daily cleaning and mealtimes, and its colourful motifs make bath time fun. The flannels are made of natural materials so as not to scratch or irritate baby's skin. Cotton and bamboo are the main components of the mitts, which is why all wash mitts can be cleaned in the washing machine.

More than just a hygiene item

Washing gloves are an important utensil in daily baby care. Parents slip their hand between the soft fabric layers and can use them to thoroughly wash their little one's body. Especially the sensitive skin folds of the little ones can be cleaned well with the washcloth so that they do not become inflamed. Although babies usually enjoy a bath in the tub, they do not want to get water in their eyes. To prevent the little ones from crying and screaming, the hair and face are simply wiped off with the wash mitt. If a little more water does run over the head, the cloth catches it with its highly absorbent material. Depending on the model, wash gloves are made of terry or mousseline. The materials made of cotton, bamboo or bamboo viscose are very soft on the little ones' skin and score points with their hypoallergenic and antibacterial properties. These prevent the wash mitt from triggering allergic irritation and reddening baby's skin during daily cleaning.

Fun for the little ones while bathing

Babies enjoy their bath without paying attention to the objects they use. Older children, on the other hand, want to make the bath more active. A wash mitt with a child-friendly motif invites toddlers to play. The animal-shaped gloves become the actors in a play, the cloth with the image of a car races along the edge of the bathtub and the little ones play a game of hide-and-seek with the large gloves. Playing distracts the toddlers from the actual washing and crying over a few drops of water in their eyes is prevented. Both babies and toddlers should not take more than three baths a week to avoid compromising the protective mantle of their skin. The water in the bath must be at body temperature and the room must be pleasantly warm so that the little ones do not risk getting chilled or catching a cold. Between baths, it is sufficient to clean the baby's and toddler's skin with water, soap and a wash mitt.

Hygiene away from the bathroom

The daily cleaning of the little ones usually takes place in the morning or evening. The evening ritual has the advantage that babies and toddlers tire more quickly because of the warm water and fall asleep quickly and calmly after washing. a wash mitt is often used away from daily cleaning when babies and toddlers consume their food. Dirty mouths and hands are quickly clean again thanks to the soft and wet cloths. For older children who like to draw and paint, the wash mitt serves as a cleaner for paint on the children's hands.

Pretty decoration in the bathroom

When the flannel is not in use, it is a pretty sight in the bathroom thanks to its funny and colourful motifs. The gloves have a loop on the side so that they can be hung on a hook and are always within reach.