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Nuscheli and Wipes

Why do you need a muslin cloth?

A muslin cloth, molleton cloth or muslin nappies is also known as a spit-up cloth and is used in a wide variety of situations. It serves as protection for the parents when the baby gets its bottle. Mum or dad puts the cloth over their shoulder to protect the clothes from spitting up when burping. The cloths can also be used as spontaneous sun protection.

As soon as the baby is allowed to eat porridge, it serves as protection such as a bib, and if something is spilled while eating, it can be quickly used to wipe up. The muslin cloth is used in many everyday situations. Babies love to hold something in their hands or suck on something while falling asleep. A baby muslin cloth in combination with other sleep aids will give your child restful nights.

When bathing, the cloths serve as a washing aid, for bathing a small size is advantageous, the small versions of the Nuschlis serve well. Great prints and pictures on the cloths are especially fun for babies, so the little friend giraffe on the muslin cloth can help with washing.

To be prepared for all occasions in everyday life with baby, it is advisable to have several molle cloths in the house. We recommend 10 - 15 cuddle cloths so that you always have one ready. You should also always have one in your diaper bag.

Baby cuddle cloth: Material and variants

Molleton cloths are soft and made of 100% cotton. They are absorbent and are often used as baby cuddle cloths. Bright colours make the cloths a little highlight for babies, the cloths are decorated in colourful designs and cheerful pictures.

A sleep aid made of 100% cotton and suitable for cuddling, the baby cuddle cloth is a help for parents so that the baby sleeps better and for the baby it is a comforter and best friend. The muslin cloth also serves as a cuddle cloth for on the go, here there are variants with a dummy chain to attach a dummy to it. The baby wipe can be used in everyday life, whether it is to protect the baby's romper suit during burping, for bathing or washing, for wiping up if something goes wrong or for falling asleep and as a reassurance when travelling in the pram.

There are different sizes and colours in the range, so if parents want to order a molleton cloth, they can simply look at the selection and decide which sizes are suitable for the different situations.