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children's bathrobe

Find warm & cosy bathrobes

Nothing feels as good on baby's freshly washed and delicate skin as a soft, cosy bathrobe. Babies feel safe and comfortable in bathrobes. We adults know this too - nothing feels better than wrapping yourself in this wonderfully soft fabric after a bath. However, if you are looking for a suitable children's bathrobe, you will quickly discover that there is a huge selection of bathrobes for girls and boys. You can find out what to look for when buying a baby bathrobe and which material is suitable for which temperatures in our buying guide.

Why a children's bathrobe is a good investment

Whether girls or boys - children simply love splashing around in the bathtub. In the pleasantly warm water together with the squeaky duck, they simply feel like a million bucks. What's more, they can always have a fun foam fight with mum and dad. As much fun as the bath is - afterwards it is important to wrap the little ones up warmly so that they don't catch a cold. A cosy baby bathrobe or bath poncho is perfect for this. It absorbs moisture and thus protects the child from freezing or catching a cold. The hood also protects the sensitive head from cooling down. Since the poncho can be used not only after the bath, but also after a stay in the outdoor pool or paddling pool, the baby bathrobe is a doubly sensible investment.

What you should consider when buying a baby bathrobe

The first important criterion you should look for in a baby bathrobe is the integrated hood. It ensures that no heat can escape over the baby's head and protects against cooling down. To ensure that your baby is wrapped up really well and warmly, either a bathrobe with a tie belt or a bath poncho is recommended. In any case, you should make sure that you can close the bathrobe.

By the way, you don't have to worry about your little one outgrowing the bathrobe after just a few months. Baby bathrobes fit loosely, so babies grow into them over time. The bathrobe can be a little bigger as long as you can close it well.

Another important purchase criterion is the material. It should keep your little one warm and absorb moisture at the same time. Particularly recommendable materials for a children's bathrobe are cotton and Frotee. In our shop you will find bathrobes made of absorbent and fluffy Frotee as well as ponchos made of 100% organic cotton. Wonderfully soft frotee or organic cotton are also particularly suitable for cold temperatures in winter. For summer, on the other hand, we recommend a wonderfully light and absorbent muslin fabric.

Buy baby bathrobes online

Give your child a piece of security with the bathrobes and bath ponchos from 4mybaby. In our shop you will only find high quality bathrobes made of absorbent and cuddly material - whether organic cotton, muslin fabric or Frotee. Particularly popular are the bathrobes of the brands bébé jou, Zoocchini Babies or Quax. Just have a look around our online shop - without any time pressure or stress.