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Teething rings

More than just employment: Teething rings help with teething

Teething rings are more than just nice accessories for the pram and the baby car seat, they are definitely part of the basic equipment. Since babies like to explore their environment with their mouths in the first months of life, teething aids such as teething rings are a popular activity option alongside dummies. They come in many different colours and shapes, with rattles and different materials. They invite children to play, to feel with their mouths and hands, to listen and to recognise colours, shapes and faces. So that they don't get lost, dummy chains are a good idea.

When the first teeth are announced

Even before the baby has teeth, teething rings are a popular everyday companion. But at some point the time comes: the baby becomes restless, is unhappy, maybe even has diarrhoea and fever. But the baby is not sick, it is getting its first teeth. While the parents are almost eagerly awaiting the first tooth, it can be a very unpleasant time for the baby. More than usual, they look for things to bite on to soothe the tingling in their gums. Cooled teething rings in particular are a boon at this time. Some are even suitable as a dummy substitute due to their shape.

Always remember: even the first teeth need to be cared for! Especially small, soft toothbrushes and toothpaste for babies help to keep the teeth sparkling clean.