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Pacifier chain

Why do mother and child need a baby dummy chain?

With a bit of luck, expectant mothers can already see their baby sucking their thumb on an ultrasound picture. The innate sucking reflex serves to absorb food and helps to calm the baby. Almost every baby likes to take a dummy. Our practical dummy chain prevents the loss and annoying search for the beloved pacifier. The dummy holders are attached to the romper suit, pram or car seat.

So that your child does not lose the dummy or you have to constantly search for it, there are the dummy holders. Your child's beloved dummy is always with them: as a comforter and companion day and night. With the chain, your child has the dummy immediately at hand when it needs reassurance. Tears quickly disappear with the dummy at hand. If the dummy is lost, however, the crying increases. You run, search and clean the good piece, the baby cries. There is no need for this stress for mother and child. The pacifier holder is practical, looks good and is simply attached to the pacifier on one side and to the child's clothing on the other side with a clip.

Advantages of a dummy chain

The biggest advantage is the secure attachment for the dummy. It is secured and cannot fall to the floor and get lost. This is functional in view of the fact that your child needs the dummy all the time. During the day in the pram or in the car, the dummy is often spat out. Your baby babbles, is happy, doesn't need it at the moment. Seconds later, he or she looks for it, wants to calm down or fall asleep. The dummy is ready to hand on the dummy chain. This also serves the necessary hygiene, the dummy does not fall into the dirt. With the simple fastening system, the pacifier chain can be attached anywhere. This is especially practical when travelling. When your child is older, he or she can put the dummy in his or her mouth independently. At the same time, a colourful chain is a popular toy and supports the toddler's motor skills.

Individual, playful or simple

Soother chains are available in many different colours, variations and models. There is something suitable for every baby and its mummy. There are models for boys and girls, the material is wood or fabric, the collection ranges from colourful with figures or soft toys to an individual design. The enchanting dummy bands from Disney have a soft Minnie or Mickey Mouse head with an integrated rattle. With colourful wooden beads and a chic clip, the dummy chain from Heimess is suitable for all common dummies. The natural material is also used for chains from Grünspecht or HaBa.

The 22 centimetre long beech chain from Haba is particularly suitable for little sailors. The current designs of the MAM Clip it and cover dummy chains come with a trendy MAM clip and a storage box for even more hygiene. Also the chains from Sterntaler, Chicco or Franck Fischer are real eye-catchers with their child-friendly decorations. The silicone rings offered are for attaching dummies without a ring to the holder chains and at the same time are a teething ring for the first little teeth.

The right use of the new favourite

To prevent your baby from wrapping the chain around his neck, make sure it is the right length. The chain or ribbon should never be more than 22 centimetres long. High-quality dummy chains from reputable manufacturers are colour-fast and do not contain any harmful materials. The clip should be rustproof and contain no nickel. In addition, they do not break. Your child's health is paramount. Dummy chains must meet the safety standards of DIN EN 12586 regarding materials, design, packaging and labelling. Do not leave your baby alone with the soother chain. This otherwise useful accessory has no place in the cot!