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Nuggis, dummies, teething rings and the corresponding holders and chains

Nuggies, dummies and teething rings are among the small but important utensils that can be very important for many babies and toddlers over a long period of time. Therefore, it is also necessary that these things are always close at hand and cannot get lost. Holders and chains ensure that this does not happen.

Teething rings are especially important during teething

When your baby is teething, it can be very uncomfortable. Teethingrings help to make teething a little easier for your baby. We offer many different teething rings. Some of them are additionally cooling, which helps a little bit to ease the pain.

Some midwives also recommend violet root for teething. You can also find products of this kind at 4mybaby. We have combined other teething rings we offer with small play figures or grasping chains.

Nuggis and dummies for every age and type

There is a wide variety of products on the market for nuggies and dummies. These soothers, which many babies and toddlers need in many situations, can be ergonomically shaped, which is important for the later positioning of teeth. Especially for babies, there are also models that are modelled on the mother's breast, making it easier for the child to have the soothing feeling they have at their mother's breast with such a soother.

Thesize of the nuggies and soothers also plays an important role. Newly born babies naturally need a different size than children who are already a little bigger. Don't be afraid to ask our team for advice if you are still unsure which of our nuggies and soothers are best for your baby.

Special straps, chains and holders for nuggies and dummies

To ensure that nuggies and dummies do not get lost, it is very important to fasten them well. For this purpose, you will find many different ribbons, chains and holders. Some of these articles are additionally equipped with cute play figures and offer your child a little play fun in addition to the secure attachment of the soother. We have put together an abundance of child-friendly straps, chains and holders in cheerful colours and designs for you. Take your time and look around to see what you like best.