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Bathing accessories

What could be cooler than letting off steam in the water and having lots of fun with the bathing ducks? While bathing, children learn about body hygiene and get to know their own bodies for the first time.
Early on, the little water rats know that cleaning their own bodies is one of the main tasks in everyday life.
So that the new parents are perfectly equipped, there are many great bathing accessories. In order not to let your little protégé out of your sight, you can prepare everything with the wash bowl.
Safety in the bathtub is of paramount importance, so to avoid the risk of slipping, the bath mat is considered one of the most important bath items. With toddlers, who are twiddly, it is difficult to apply the shampoo in the right place and to control that no drop flows into the eyes. For this, there is the ideal protection. You can put the eye protection on the head comfortably and easily. To make bathing really fun, we also have cute toys for bathing in our assortment.