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Optimal sleeping climate for babies: Room and water temperature at a glance with the right thermometer

With a thermometer, you always have the room temperature in the nursery or the water temperature at bath time under control. The temperature in the nursery is very important for an optimal sleeping climate. Babies and toddlers are still much more susceptible to colds, as their immune system is not yet as mature as that of us adults. During the day, the room should be around 20°C for playing. At night, for sleeping, the right temperature in the baby's room is 16-18° degrees. It is also important that you air your little darling's bedroom briefly every now and then.

Fun designs and practical functions

With a room thermometer, you always have an overview of the correct temperature. With the funny designs, you can brighten up any baby's room. Some of them can also be used as a practical night light.
While bathing, you should also pay attention to the right temperature. The water should be between 36° and 37° Celsius and the room temperature in the bathroom around 34° so that your darling doesn't catch a cold.
The practical bath thermometer floats in the water and shows you the water temperature at any time. Bath thermometers are available with a digital display or with a measuring scale. Due to the cute and funny motifs, they are also very popular as toys .