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Radiant heater

Radiant heaters for babies

Radiant heaters prevent your baby from getting cold when you change him or her. They give off heat evenly and also have a relaxing effect. 4mybaby presents you with radiant heaters that are specially designed for babies. You can choose between wall-mounted models and radiant heaters with a stand.

Which radiant heaters are suitable for babies?

At 4mybaby you will only find radiant heaters that are suitable for babies. In order for your child to feel really comfortable, the model should preferably have different heating levels. An adjustable radiation angle is also an advantage. This way you can always adjust the heat to the respective situation. We also recommend that you buy a radiant heater with automatic switch-off. This ensures that the radiant heater switches itself off after a few minutes. This prevents the child from being exposed to heat for longer than desired. A radiant heater with splinter protection is also a good choice.

For which babies are radiant heaters suitable?

Radiant heaters for changing tables are particularly suitable for very young children. As a rule, they are no longer needed after the ninth month of life. This is because your baby can already regulate its own body temperature well by then. In the time before that, however, an infrared radiator can do an excellent job. Basically, the baby should only lie under the heat lamp when changing or changing clothes and directly after bathing. Most devices switch off after ten minutes and thus specify how long the child should be warmed with it. With summer children, it is sometimes even possible to do without the radiant heater altogether, while in winter they make for a much more relaxed swaddling experience.

How many watts should the radiant heater have?

To ensure that the radiant heater reaches the required temperatures, it should have a wattage of around 600 to 800 watts. However, lower heating levels can often be operated with as little as 400 watts. At 4mybaby you can expect radiant heaters from reer. The manufacturer offers models whose wattage varies. It is always important that the desired temperature can be reached.

How do you mount a radiant heater?

How you mount a changing table radiant heater depends on which model you choose. The classic radiant heater is fixed to the wall with dowels and screws. A floor-standing radiant heater can simply be placed directly next to the changing table. However, always bear in mind that there should be about one metre of free space between the radiant heater and the changing mat. A distance of 35 cm from the ceiling should also be maintained.