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Heat pad

Warmth pillows for babies

Discover cherry stone pillows, grape seed pillows and rape seed pillows on 4mybaby.ch

Would you like to buy a heat pad for your baby, but can't decide yet? Whether you want to buy a cherry stone pillow, grape seed pillow or rape seed pillow: 4mybaby.ch offers you a large and well-stocked selection of suitable heat pads. Find out everything about our warming and soothing heat pads in the next few lines. Below you will find the most important answers to the questions you are sure to ask yourself before making a purchase.

Which filling should I choose for my heat pad?

In our shop we offer you different filling materials for your baby heat pad.

The cherry pit filling is best suited for slightly older children. The cherry stones are quite large and store the heat well. Cherry pit pillows should not usually be washed. Cherry pit pillows are not only used for heat therapy. They can also cool you down to treat insect bites or similar. A cherry pit pillow with a particularly soft cover is the fashy cherry pit pillow, for example.

The grape seed filling is primarily suitable as a heat pad. It is not suitable for cooling. Due to the medium-sized cores, it is the pillow of choice for younger children. The pillows nestle perfectly against the little tummy. Grape seed pillows should also not be washed. You can find a suitable grape seed pill ow in our shop, for example, from the brand Grünspecht.

The rape seed filling is the finest of our fillings. It nestles even better against your baby's delicate skin than the grape seed filling does. A special highlight: rape seed hardly smells. However, a rape seed pillow is also more suitable for warming than cooling. Are you looking for a cute rape seed warmer with a washable cover? Then why not try the Grünspecht Warming Cuddle.

Extra tip: Are you looking for a washable heat pad? Then why not try the oatmeal heat pad from the brand Sterntaler! A real insider tip.

How do I heat my heating pad?

Make sure you follow the instructions provided. In some cases, you may need to remove the outer cover of your heat pad first. Heat your heat pad in the oven or microwave, depending on what the instructions say. You will also find temperature information here. If you can hold your heat pad in your hand for a few seconds with firm pressure without feeling uncomfortable, the heat pad has reached the perfect temperature.

Can I wash my heat pad?

There are washable and non-washable heat pads. Remember that the filling of heat pads are natural materials. They usually have to be stored in a dry place. However, there are heat pads where you can remove the outer cover. You can find a heat pad with a washable cover here in our shop, for example.

What is a heat pad actually good for?

Heat pads are suitable for the following aches and pains:

- Stomach ache

- colics

- flatulence

- Tension

- Maintaining body temperature

- Warming the hands and feet

Some pillows can also serve as cooling pillows. For example, if your child has bumped itself or been stung by an insect.

Extra tip: Heating pillows are the perfect companion during your pregnancy and a natural and easy-care alternative to a plastic bed bottle!

Whether cherry stone pillow, rape seed pillow or grape seed pillow: With the heating pillows in our shop, you are sure to find exactly the pillow that suits you and your baby best!