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Bed bottles

Comfortable warmth for babies: the perfect bed bottle for cosy moments

As the temperature in mummy's tummy is higher than in the world, babies often have problems keeping their body temperature stable as soon as they are born. They often freeze very quickly. Especially their little feet are often cold. A bed bottle can help. Simply put it in the bottom of the pram when you go for a walk. A hot water bottle is also great for warming up the cot in the baby's room. After all, we also enjoy being able to slip into a pleasantly warm bed on a chilly day. All hot water bottles have a pleasantly cuddly cover that is easy to wash.

Please be careful not to use too hot water, otherwise your baby may overheat. Use water with a maximum temperature of 40 degrees. Fill only a small amount of water and let the air escape before closing with the lid. Always make sure that the hot water bottle is closed properly and that no hot water can leak out!