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nasal aspirator baby

Simple solution for blocked noses: The nasal aspirator for babies

As babies only breathe through their nose in the first few months, a blocked nose is particularly bad, especially when sleeping. This can happen more often in the first year. Sucking helps your baby to calm down and relax, but this is not so easy with a blocked nose. A clear nose is also important when breastfeeding. We adults can blow our noses, but little ones only learn to do this from the age of two.

A nasal aspirator helps quickly and easily in such cases. It gently and safely removes the mucus and your baby can breathe better again. Thereare different nasal aspirators, also known as nasal mucus removers. All nasal aspirators use a vacuum to remove the mucus from the baby's nose. Whether manually, with a ball pump or via a fine tube where the vacuum is created with the mouth , the nasal aspiratorscan simply be rinsed out under running water. Some models can even be sterilised if necessary.