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First aid

Carefree protection for your little treasure: first aid kit for minor accidents.

No one wants our little treasure, still so dainty and innocent, to suffer pain. But while your darling is learning to walk and exploring the world, it can unfortunately happen that he trips or bumps himself. Even if sharp edges, cleaning cupboards and drawers are well secured, you should still be prepared for minor accidents.

A first aid kit should not be missing in any household. It contains disinfecting wound spray, healing wound ointments, sterile compresses, a fever thermometer, tape and, above all, a large selection of colourful comfort plasters. After all, injuries that are no longer visible don't hurt as much. Also think about a small emergency kit for on the road, so that you are always well prepared.

Young children's defences are not yet as strong, which is why they are more susceptible to colds. We all know that cough syrup and other medicines don't always taste pleasant, but they are important for a quick recovery. With the handy little medicine bottles, giving medicine is often easier and less stressful. Ensure the safety and well-being of your little explorer with our first aid kit so that he can explore the world without a care in the world.