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toilet attachment

How can a child toilet seat support your child?

The transition from nappies to the toilet is a big developmental step in your child's life. A toilet trainer is an optimal helper when your child is interested in becoming dry and should therefore not be missing from your equipment at home. No matter which version you choose, with a children's toilet seat the changeover will be a playful experience.

Guide: What types of children's toilet seats are there?

The range extends from the tried and tested child's potty to toilet attachments that reduce the size of the ordinary toilet seat for your child. In addition, there are toilet seats with small steps that enable the child to go to the toilet independently. Which type suits you and your child best depends entirely on the child's age and personal preferences. While potties are often preferred by younger children, toilet seats can be used up to the age of seven. When making your choice, pay attention to the manufacturer's specifications.

Buying criteria: What features should you look for?

When making your choice, you should pay particular attention to comfort, the right fit and stability. Children's toilet seats made of environmentally friendly plastic are robust and easy to clean. With a little care, nothing stands in the way of long use. It is advisable to match the dimensions of the toilet with your chosen children's toilet seat. This is not necessary for children's potties, which convince with their flexible use independent of the toilet. For models with integrated ladders, make sure you have non-slip steps and sturdy grab handles.

Getting clean: When to start potty training?

Since every child is unique and develops at his or her own personal pace, it is not possible to make a general statement about when toilet training should begin. Parents should not be too ambitious here. Wait until your child makes a start. A potty is especially practical for younger children. Because it belongs solely to your child, he or she often has a close relationship with it. With a little practice, changing diapers will soon be a thing of the past.