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Baby bathtub

Things to consider when buying a baby bath

Most babies love to be in the baby bath and feel the warm water on their skin. Unlike the baby bucket, which in some ways replicates the cramped conditions found in the womb, the baby bath is more spacious. You can lovingly place your baby in it so that you can gently clean it with a soft sponge. Meanwhile, the little boy or girl lies in a comfortable position in the water and can watch you. It feels safe and secure.

Regular bathing is important

Babies should be bathed in a baby bath at least once a week. The skin of the little ones is still very sensitive. Therefore, if they are bathed too often, there is a risk that their skin will dry out. It is also possible that they have allergies or sensitivities to certain body care products. You are therefore well advised to slowly get your little darling used to personal hygiene in the bathtub.

How big should the baby bath with frame be?

A baby bath for boys and girls comes in a wide variety of designs and sizes. It is important that your baby feels safe in it, but not cramped. At the same time, the safety of the child is paramount. Therefore, the material of the baby bath tub should be free of harmful substances. Sharp corners and edges should also be avoided to prevent injuries.

Foldable, collapsible, fixed - the choice is wide

The renowned Stokke brand offers a high-quality and very well thought-out range of baby baths and accessories. Whether it's a foldable baby bath, collapsible or baby bath with seat - you are spoilt for choice in our online store. Even if you are looking for a functional baby bath with seat or a baby bath for the shower, you will find it here.

The foldable baby bath is ideal for travelling or for setting up in smaller rooms. A foldable model is also recommended. It can be set up and filled with water as needed and can be conveniently stored away after use to save space. When buying, pay attention to the quality of the baby bath. Caution is advised, especially with low-quality products. Saving money at the wrong end is often at the expense of your child's safety. In our assortment, we have a large number of baby baths from renowned suppliers, such as Stokke, bébé jou, fillikid and many more. For newborns and babies up to the age of eight months, we recommend a tub length of up to 80 centimetres. If your boy or girl is already a little older, simply adjust the size of the bath.

Functionality that inspires

Discover the new models with arm rests, so that holding the child while bathing is less strenuous for mummy or daddy. We would also like to recommend the bathtubs with a frame. Baths in this product category are particularly easy on the back because you don't have to bend forward unnecessarily to hold your baby. Choose an ergonomically designed baby bath with an anti-slip coating so that your child is optimally protected during bathing. If the bath is also equipped with a water drain, you do not need to lift it to empty it. This saves you the effort and helps to protect your back.


If you place the tub on the changing table while you bathe your child, a stand is not necessary.

Make bathing a splashing pleasure for your child with a high-quality baby bath. Take your time and browse through our diverse range. Whether it's a baby bucket, a baby bath for newborns or a baby bath for toddlers: it's worth trusting in the high quality of our range. We look forward to your visit to our online store!