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Bathing station

Intimate moments and practical solutions: Changing and bathing in one station

Bathing is an intimate moment between mum and baby. While bathing, you can play with your child with our toys, caress him or her and laugh together. With the practical combined changing and bathing station, you can not only bathe your baby, but also change him orher . One handle is enough and the station is converted from a bathing station to a changing station, without taking up more space and at an optimal height for your back. So that you have all the utensils you need at hand, the station has storage compartments, a towel holder and, of course, a pleasantly soft changing pad.

Space-saving bathing and changing: The perfect combination for your bathtub

Would you rather use the space on your bathtub? No problem! There is also a suitable combination of bathing and nappy-changing top for this. After the bath, the baby bath can simply be pushed back under the changing top. The bath changing station fits all conventional bath tubs (56-85 cm inside dimensions) and can be adjusted in height by up to 10 cm. The best thing about bathing in the bathroom is that you can splash around a little more wildly.

Both versions are safe, stable and practical. Make sure that the room is at a pleasant temperature so that your baby doesn't catch a cold while bathing or changing nappies. For such cases, we also offer various radiant heaters.