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Bath seat

Relaxed and safe baby bathing with bathing loungers and bathing seats

Bathing gives most babies a lot of pleasure and the lightness in the water reminds them of the time in Mummy's tummy. It is especially recommended in the evening before going to bed, as a pleasant bath makes you feel really sleepy.

It is not always easy to hold the small, sometimes wriggling babies in the soapy water. A bath lounger or bath seat is highly recommended, especially for the very young. The bath seat has a special shape, your baby can lie on it relaxed and safe in the warm water. The advantage of a bath seat is that you have both hands free and can easily wash, stroke and massage your baby.
A bath ring or bath seat is also a practical aid when your child is older and can already sit on its own. It is equipped with suction cups at the bottom, which are simply fixed to the bottom of the bathtub to prevent slipping. Just put the baby in and the fun can begin, leaving your hands free to bathe the baby. The seats are ergonomically shaped and comfortable.
Never leave your child alone in the baby bath or a basin, even for seconds. At first, bathe the baby only once or twice a week for about 10 minutes. After a few months, it may be more often.