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Baby scales

Baby scales: Precise weight control and keeping an eye on development

With a baby scale, you always have the weight of your little treasure under control. In the first 5 days your newborn baby will lose weight, but after about 14 days it should have reached its birth weight again. After that, your baby's weight will go up, sometimes by leaps and bounds.
Did your midwife or doctor recommend that you weigh your baby regularly, or are you simply interested in how your little one is developing? Then a baby scale is a must for you.
The practical baby scales measure quickly and accurately, even when your baby doesn't want to lie quite so still. The ergonomically shaped trays are comfortable and safe when weighing. A baby scale is easy to clean and disinfect. Some scales have a memory function and show the weight of the last weighing and some even play soothing music. Scales can be used up to 20 kilos.
Always use the same scale and preferably weigh your baby at the same time every day or every week.