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baby shower gel

Pure relaxation - Soothing bath with fragrant shampoo for babies.

After a busy day or an impressive journey, a relaxing bath is just the thing!
For a soothing and restorative cleanse, splashing around with a good-smelling shampoo is the perfect end to a day. With an attractive scent in your nose and softly dressed pyjamas, an energy-filling shepherding session can be enjoyed to the full.
The shampoos are made with natural substances and fragrances so that your baby's sensitive skin is neither irritated nor damaged. Careful grooming starts at a young age. With our sophisticated products from high-quality brands, the important washing ritual is sure to be fun.
After a thorough shower with a fine, fragrant shampoo, babies feel secure and are completely relaxed afterwards. The products are available in different qualities, because even the smallest ones are already choosy when it comes to choosing. Whether an oil product, a foaming shampoo or a normal gel is more suitable will certainly become clear after the first few washes. You will find bath towels & co. under textiles.