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Protect sensitive baby skin with baby powder

Especially in the first months of life, the newborn's skin is extremely sensitive. The little ones quickly have a sore bottom and there is a lot of crying. But this is no reason to reproach yourself, because almost every toddler or baby suffers from it sooner or later. Nevertheless, it is not a nice feeling - neither for the parents nor for the children. To reduce the risk of a sore bottom, there are various care measures. The use of baby powder is also one of them. And even if it has already happened, various care measures can optimally support the healing process.

Baby powder keeps the bottom dry

A common cause of a sore bottom is moisture. However, due to the nappy, this cannot be avoided. In this context, timely and regular diapering of babies is essential. The fuller the nappies, the more moisture is formed. This also creates a breeding ground for bacteria, fungi and other germs. In addition, it is also advisable to use baby powder. This keeps the nappy area dry and also has an absorbent effect. It is important to always remove all residues of baby powder when changing nappies and only apply a new layer afterwards. And even if it is already too late, baby powder is excellent for caring for sensitive baby skin. Thanks to its rich ingredients, it not only prevents inflammation. It also soothes possible itching. It has a soothing effect on sore spots and ensures that weeping wounds dry out.

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Baby powder makes it much easier for the little ones to care for their bodies. It protects and cares at the same time. Along with creams and lotions for babies, it should not be missing from any care set. Baby powder can also be used for adults. For example, it helps against inflammations, pimples or greasy hair. In our online shop, we offer you a variety of different baby powders to prevent sore bottoms in children.