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Relaxation and closeness: Soothing massages for babies

Soothing massages relax body and soul. Even the very youngest babies enjoy being massaged all over their bodies. Whether with a trusting hand or a massage wheelchair - pamper your golden treasure and give it security with a soft and light massage.
To care for the skin and allow the massage wheelchair to glide over the skin, we recommend a massage oil or a greasy cream. Take an almond-sized amount of the massage oil on your hand and gently rub it into the little body. After you have oiled your baby, the massage can begin. Your angel will be pampered with gentle circles and strokes.
A massage is also very often helpful with abdominal pain and soothes the pain. Through a pleasurable massage, the connection between mum, dad and child becomes even more intense and gives both of them the opportunity to reflect on the day.
Not only do thoughts become lighter, but the blood vessels are also activated and thus also calmed. When performing a massage, a cosy and quiet place is advantageous, as this is where the relaxation phases are greatest.
Take time for cosy and loving moments with your little treasure.