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Which products for nail care can you get in at 4mybaby.ch?

In addition to nail scissors, you will find many items of equipment that are indispensable for your child and yourself in a household with children. Of course, we offer products from numerous brands.

Which brands are the nail scissors from in this category?

You can get the nail scissors for children in our shop from Primamma, Reer, Wilkinson and Chicco. The models have different shapes and can also be ordered with or without a sheathed handle.

How often do babies' nails need to be cut?

Babies' and toddlers' nails usually grow a little faster than adults'. Therefore, you should include the manicure of the nails, which of course also include the nails on the toes in addition to the fingernails, in the weekly care routine. In general, it is a good idea to cut your nails once a week after bathing, because they are then nice and soft.

What should be considered when cutting the nails of young children?

Do not cut the nails too short and choose a slightly semicircular shape that fits the fingers and toes.

Can the baby manicure set also be used by adults?

Please make sure that the nail scissors for children are really only used for them. Hygiene is important, because children have very fine skin and are therefore not yet able to deal well with germs that may be on the scissors. Nail scissors are not suitable for adults because they are much too small.

What else do you get besides the nail scissors?

In our shop you will find a wide selection of other products such as care sets for children. Alternatively, you can also get other products for body care.