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Cream and Lotion

Gentle care for baby skin: High-quality products and loving massages

Only extremely high-quality, mild care products should be considered for baby's soft skin!

Conscious care is the be-all and end-all for soft skin. To keep baby's sensitive skin beautifully supple, it is of the utmost importance to use the right care products after a relaxing bath.
Exclusive care products, such as an effective cream or a lotion that works well, provide plenty of moisture and serve to improve the elasticity of sensitive skin.
With the natural substances in the specially developed care products, everyone can find their favourite cream.
The creams and the various lotions can be perfectly combined with a soothing massage.
Take a look at the information on our homepage and find the perfect product for your precious pet. Even at a young age, the growth enjoys a loving massage very much, with a soothing cream or lotion even more.