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Care sets

Perfectly equipped: The beauty set for the little ones

Even the youngest children need their own beauty set.
The fine hairs need to be brushed and styled, the nails need to be shaped and the bath water needs to be at the right temperature.
With the practical care sets, you are perfectly equipped. They contain everything you need to care for your little one from day one.
The sets are always equipped with a brush, comb, bath thermometer and nail care set. Some also contain a nasal aspirator, fever thermometer and finger toothbrush.
Most of the care sets are packed in a pretty toiletry bag and are ideal for travelling. Each product has its place, everything is well protected and ready to hand at all times.
All products included in the set can also be purchased individually. Do you still need new flannels or bath towels? You're sure to find what you're looking for in our textiles category!