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Practical products make baby care easier

Babies and toddlers depend on adults for their care. The daily care of babies includes changing nappies regularly, going to the potty, body care from head to toe, bathing and responding to discomfort. The practical products help to simplify the activities so that baby and parents feel completely comfortable.

The big and small business of babies and toddlers

Depending on the development of their digestion, babies have a bowel movement between every day and every five days. Urine output is continuous and starts at around 250 ml from the second day of life. While newborns have up to twenty bladder emptying sessions per day, toddlers can reduce their toilet visits to four to five. Accordingly, daily diapering and potty training take up a large part of the care. Newborns and infants receive their fresh nappy on a soft changing mat. At the same time, the bottom must be well cleaned and creamed. The use of a separate washing glove for this activity is recommended. The dirty nappy and the nursing wipes used are collected in a nappy bucket, which neutralises the unpleasant odours. If the little ones can control urine or stool output, then the business is done on a potty. Ergonomic shapes make sitting on the potties more comfortable. A separate, removable inner top makes it easier to clean the potty. Thanks to the fun shapes and colours of the potties, the little ones accept these unfamiliar utensils more quickly and going to the toilet becomes a routine. At this point, the little ones can switch to using the normal toilet. A seat reducer helps the toddlers to have a good grip on the high toilet.

The daily cleaning ritual of the little ones

In the morning and evening, the little ones must be thoroughly washed and cared for. Use a wash glove to clean the face and hands with warm water and a suitable washing lotion for babies. A bath should only be scheduled three days a week. The water must be at body temperature and the room must be well warmed. Use your own baby thermometer to check the water temperature. All the necessary utensils for the bath are within reach in a care basket. Since the bathtub for adults is too big for the little ones, newborns can be supported with an insert or a baby station or baby tub is used. After the bath, the child is wrapped in a soft bath towel, a hooded poncho or a bathrobe. A soft brush is sufficient for the delicate hair and the nails must be cut with baby-safe scissors. All products are designed in such a way that they do not irritate the little ones' skin and injuries are avoided.

Little aches and pains are treated

Tummy cramps, teething and a general feeling of restlessness leads to crying fits in many babies. So that the little ones calm down, soothers that support even breathing in and out are useful. A heating pad made of cherry or grape seeds and a warm bed bottle ease the cramps in the immature gastrointestinal tract of the little ones and a cool teething ring reduces the pain during teething. So that parents can be sure that the little ones do not have a fever, there are special children's thermometers in dummy form. In many cases, cuddling with mummy and daddy, gentle stroking and a big cuddle cloth made of soft cotton helps. After that, the little ones fall asleep reassured.